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SeatDreams display area at Reno Street Vibrations
Tent Area

Street Vibrations 2008

Seatdreams US Army Tribute Seat | Street Vibrations

Street Vibrations is over for yet another year. It was a great success and people rode in from all over the country to attend. We were extremely busy and thank all that met with us to design there special one of a kind seat. We had Cathy putting the final finishing touches on our tribute seat and had people coming back each day to see the advancements. When it was finished, all that watched the process could not believe what we created. This will be the only seat we will recreated for anyone wishing to put it on there ride. For this show we chose the Army as our theme flag. When we recreate this for you we will carve in which ever branch of the armed forces you would like us to do.  Some of the pictures here are from the work in progress to the final finish.


 Bob Mernickle  

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Lots of color
Cathy creating Tribute Seat at Reno Street Vibrations
Cathy carving the
tribute piece

US Army Area

Orange County Choppers
custom tribute bike for
the US Army.

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