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You dream the pattern, we make it happen!


SeatDreams is the brainchild of both Bob Mernickle and Cathy Michael. An avid motorcycle rider, Bob always liked to be a little different when tinkering with his bike. His latest bike of choice is the Harley Davidson 2003 100 year Anniversary Heritage Softail Classic. Bob wanted to keep it in a semi-stock appearance yet do things his way. So the engine was upgraded to the high performance Hi Compression 95 inch. Then came the Ape Hangers, followed by lots of chrome.

In Bob's other life, he and his wife Sherrie own Mernickle Holsters ( and make some of the finest custom holsters on the planet. There you will find many testimonials on the fine products they produce. One of the people who has made a lot of that happen is their carver, Cathy. Cathy is not just a carver. She is also an artist as well as a visionary. So, with the talents of Cathy and an idea for doing something completely different, the two of them went forward and created the scene on the motorcycle seat of Bob's Softail.  The comment that hit home was "Finally, the finishing touch for Bob's bike".  Once completed, they were immediately asked if they could do the same thing on another bike.

Bob started looking around at all the bikes out there and soon realized the statement made about the finishing touch really had merit.  So, just that quick, he put everything into play and created SeatDreams.  At SeatDreams, Bob and Cathy will work with your idea to create a product that is part of your own personality, as opposed to an off-the-shelf item.

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